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Crowns and Bridges in Firestone, CO

Dr. Dawne Adams offers leading expertise in crowns and bridges in Firestone, CO. Dental crowns and bridges are restorations for damaged or missing teeth, which support your remaining teeth and help to maintain your ideal dental health.

What is a crown?
A crown is a tooth-like 'cap' placed over an existing tooth to restore its strength and beauty. Crowns help in cases where a filling is needed, but there is not enough tooth surface remaining. They can also protect the structure of a tooth that is fractured or broken. Dr. Adams offers all-white porcelain crowns that look, feel, and fit like your natural teeth. Dental crowns and bridges in Firestone, CO, are a common combination, as crowns are used to strengthen teeth on either side of a fixed bridge.

What is a bridge?
A bridge is a custom device attached between two crowns to literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with bridgework, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth must be prepared as crowns to buttress the prosthetic teeth. Bridges can be made from porcelain, or from a combination of metal fused to porcelain. Dr. Adams considers both function and aesthetics when selecting the most suitable material for your crowns and bridges in Firestone, CO.

What are the benefits of a crown and bridge treatment?
Dental crowns and bridges help to restore and maintain your natural bite, prevent unnatural stress on other teeth, and keep both opposing and adjacent teeth in their proper place. They also help to protect against further tooth decay and gum disease, and they enhance your ability to smile, speak, and chew.

Caring for crowns and bridges
You can care for a crown or bridge just as you would your other teeth, with regular brushing and flossing. You must also be diligent about attending regular dental check-ups after you get your crowns or bridges in Firestone, CO. To preserve the life of your restorations, you should avoid chewing on hard objects such as ice, pens, fingernails, or candy.

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