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White Fillings in Firestone, CO
At Longs Peak Dentistry, we offer white fillings in Firestone, CO, for the most natural-looking and attractive restorations to decayed teeth. White fillings are also used for cosmetic enhancements, to change the shape or color of teeth, or to close the gaps between two teeth.

What are white fillings?
White fillings are also known as composite fillings, as they are made of composite resin, a tooth-colored mixture of plastic and glass. They are the most widely-used dental filling material, as they can be closely color matched to your existing teeth. This makes them particularly well-suited for use in front teeth or visible parts of teeth. Additionally, white fillings in Firestone, CO, are chemically bonded to your tooth structure, providing extra support. This helps to protect against breakage and excessive temperature changes. Because they are bonded in place, white filings also require less drilling, which is good news for people who are anxious about dental work.

What is the procedure?
Dr. Adams can usually place your filling in just one appointment, though cosmetic restorations such as inlays or onlays occasionally require more than one visit. After numbing the tooth with a local anesthetic, she will remove decay and thoroughly clean and prepare the area for the filling. If the decay was near the tooth's nerve, she will apply a special medication for extra protection. Dr. Adams will then precisely place, shape, and polish your white fillings in Firestone, CO, restoring your tooth to its original shape and function.

What about other filling materials? A number of other types of filling materials are available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Adams can discuss your options for a tooth filling at your initial consultation.

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